Double Stud Wall Adapter - Silver


Double Stud Wall Adapter
The Double Stud Wall Adapter features a sturdy 5mm thick steel plate 17-3/8" wide x 5-5/8" high to improve the installer's ability to place Flat Panels or Projectors in exact location on the wall or ceiling. The plate allows for double stud mounting of the following Vantage Point Products: 75-100mm LCD Mounts FL01,WL01,WL02,UL01,UL02; 100-200MM LCD Wall Mounts AX2WL01, AX2WL02; 100-200MM LCD Ceiling Mount AX2ACL01; Universal Projector Mounts CGUPM06, CGUPM12. The adapter comes complete with mounting hardware for wood stud and solid concrete applications. It has a maximum Weight Load 100 lbs or 45.5 kg and is available in silver and black powder coated finish.


Description: Double Stud Wall Adapter
Color: Silver
Attachable Mounts: FL01,WL01,WL02,UL01,UL02, AX2WL02, AX2ACL01, AX2AWL01, CGUPM06, CGUPM12
Plate Dimensions: 17-3/8" x 5-5/8" high
Max. Load: 100 lbs.
Package Dimensions: (L x W x H) 18.00" x 6.00" x 2.13"
Suggested Retail: $69.99


· DSP03-S