6" Universal Projector Mount - Black


6" Universal Projector Mount The Universal Projector Mount sets itself apart from other industrial looking ceiling mounts. Styled from steel and die-cast aluminum, the mounts boast a clean and simple finished appearance when viewing it on the ceiling. The CGUPM06 extends approximately 6 inches from the ceiling, rotates, tilts and swivels in virtually any direction, and is capable of functioning on flat or vaulted ceilings. The Universal Projector Mount is compatible with most of today’s LCD and DLP home theater projectors and is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of projector hole patterns.


Description: Universal Projector Mount
Color: Black
Range of Motion: Tilt/Rotate/Swivel
Weight: 3 lbs.
Mount Reach: 6"
Max. Load: 40 lbs.
Package Dimensions: (L x W x H) 11.63" x 8.50" x 3.00"
Suggested Retail: $99.99